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For more information please read this extract from an interview for BB6 by Richard Foster: 

What is main objective of KTF?

The main objective is to fund raise for people in need. This may be through a disaster ( such as the tsunami and earthquakes), or as recently, to local charities who have ongoing projects within the community.

Something that was our objective right from the start was to give money to small structures who were operating in the areas we proposed to target. For instance, when the tsunami struck South East Asia, we did not send money to the main funds based in the UK, but rather to a locally-sourced charity, SOS; a charity already set up in Indonesia to help orangutans. They were already there and were able to allocate resources to help people in the affected area. In this case, the big organisations for one reason or another were unable to arrive quickly to this badly hit part of Indonesia. 

Burma also illustrates well the benefits of the KTF. The place is very hard to operate for foreign agencies who were struggling to be allowed in during the terrible flooding.  Through a local contact we managed to get money there safely and directly into a project that was already in motion. This project had been set up as soon as disaster struck by a company called Pandaw, who turned their two river cruise boats into hospitals.

In essence when people come to our gigs they will be helping very specific projects: help building a school, a mobile library, a boat turned into an hospital. 

These were very conscious choices. We wanted to maintain a link between a very local fund-raising effort with a very local action. This provides a clear link and it helps to build a sense of identity for everyone who attends our gigs. Local  to local if you like. 

We avoided the large funds – which can be pretty abstract   - because the large structure can also have its pitfalls in a moment of crisis. Besides, given that we don't raise huge amounts,  we also didn't want to pay for all the bills that these structures have. Instead of paying for the job of a top executive in these organisations, we are helping people who are already on the ground often without any payment. They deserve all the help they can get. 

The large organisations do brilliant work and have an infinity of urgent projects in crucial areas but there are gaps open for small set ups such as the KTF. 

What is your view of "donation fatigue" - is it genuine or just an excuse for not giving?

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Kensal Town Fund

It's a local group fundraising for national and international charities through events production 

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