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The Kensal Town Fund - KTF - raises funds for charities through events with bands, performers, DJ's.

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Hello, party people

Searching for a party with a difference?

We put on fabulous parties with the best live music, DJ's and performers, all in a mini-fest ambience.
For each party, we select charities to give the money to.

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Together with the music, we're all connected.

We party

It's time to be entertained, drink and dance

We raise money

We showcase the best talent in a benefit gig

We give to a charity

...and it's great!

What is the KTF

The KTF it's a local group fundraising for national and international charities through events production .

What have we done

It has supported several local and overseas charities while showcasing emerging talent to new audiences.

Monies raised

The KFT has raised 28 000 pounds.

With local resources

The gigs produced by the KTF have been put together by a bunch of local people with expertise in several areas including event production, sound engineering, design and promotion. You can get involved too.

About the KTF

The Kensal Town Fund (KTF) started 10 years ago when the tsunami struck in Asia. A few locals got together and decided to bring together the resources to produce a memorable fundraising event with live bands, performers and dj’s. This was the first of many events produced by the KTF.

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